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Peter and the Wolf
Based on the symphony by Sergei Prokofiev

Pellissippi Community State College ----- Knoxville, TN

Director: Grechen Wingerter

Scenic Designer/Technical Director: Claude Hardy

Puppetry Design: Caden Elliot (Wolf), Caryss Johnson (Cat), Lux Boone (Bird)

Lighting Designer: Liv Jin 

"Peter and the Wolf" is a devised piece comprising puppetry, pantomime, and projection to bring the Russian folk tale to life, inspired by Manual Cinema's live animation techniques and Prokofiev's music. I deliberately stripped back the lighting to mimic the equipment available should the team take the show to Edinburgh Fringe, and to accommodate the audience seating onstage. My use of bold, primary colors and strong texture tied the physical puppetry below to the world of shadow puppetry projected above, whose design was further informed by Marc Chagall's art. 

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