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About Me

Hi! I am freelance lighting designer and technician currently based in Knoxville, Tennessee, where I graduated from the University of Tennessee—Knoxville double majoring in English with a Literature Concentration, and Theatre with double Design & Technology and Honors concentrations. In addition to studying lighting design for theatre, I enjoyed taking courses in dance lighting, projection design (check out my Tokyo cat animation!), photography for the stage, and sound design, which both fulfilled personal interests and further rounded out my artistry. I also read linguistics, specifically sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, and am interested in language ideologies people hold around dialects and bilingualism. 

About My Work

I have always been drawn to film scores and soundtracks, which has developed the way I conceptualize lighting design. In the same way a low underscore can subtly shape the emotional timbre of a scene or crashing music draws attention to heightened moments, I feel the ebb and flow of light in a space----chilling with a frosty argument, surging with the beats of a song, trickling down to an intimate moment alone onstage. I like my lighting to be alive and in motion, even if it's simply stretching out shadows in response to the mere passage of time. 

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