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King Lear
Play by William Shakespeare

Pellissippi Community State College ----- Knoxville, TN
In collaboration with The WordPlayers

Director: Charles Miller

Scenic Designer/Technical Director/Projection Designer: Claude Hardy

Costume Designer: Ariana Dotson

Sound Designer: Allison Bucher

Lighting Designer: Liv Jin 

This production of "King Lear" takes place in a brutalist, urban world entirely removed from nature. I was inspired by the transition of sodium vapour light sources to harsher white fluorescents and LEDs in the modern landscape and situated Lear and his allies in the warm glow of a dying era, while his eldest daughters' reign draws a frigid oppressiveness over their environment. The scenic designer and I collaborated on how to best project light through the large, moving tower set pieces and their various orientations on stage, which further added texture to our fractured world. 

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