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Design and Production

Einstein's Dreams 
based on the novel by Alan Lightman
adapted by David Gardiner and Ralf Remshardt

Tennessee Governor's School for the Arts 2017 ----- Murfreesboro, TN

Director: Helena Hayes

Production Manager: Justin Reed

Scenic Supervisor: Jared P. Cole

Costume Supervisor: Trish Clark

Lighting Supervisor: Marcus Sherrell

This was a month-long summer intensive program for high school students at a state university. As one of six design and technology students, we collaborated on the design and worked on all aspects of production together. For the scenery, we included the thematic time elements through circular shapes and portals numbered like a partial clockface. We used period costumes but with a limited colour palette and played with mixing various states of undress and/or gendered appearance to support the ensemble-style cast, where our acting students put on and shed characters like so many layers of an outfit. With the play's nonlinear structure and jumps in reality, we leaned into strong dynamic shifts in lighting to establish shifts in time and place. 

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