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About Me

Hi! I am an undergraduate senior at the University of Tennessee—Knoxville double majoring in English with a Literature Concentration, and Theatre with double Design & Technology and Honors concentrations. I am expected to graduate May 2022. In addition to studying lighting design for theatre, I have enjoyed my courses in dance lighting, projection design (check out my Tokyo cat animation below!), photography for the stage, and sound design, which both fulfilled personal interests and have rounded out my artistry. I also study linguistics, specifically sociolinguistics and second language acquisition, and am interested in language ideologies people hold around dialects and bilingualism. 

About My Work

My primary focus and experience so far has been in lighting design for theatre, dance, opera, and other live performances, but I am also interested in learning how to apply my skills to film, television, and other media. I like projects that let me work with timing and musicality, whether it be the subtle flow of action from one room to the other or the more overt response to song and dance.

Upcoming Projects

In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play -- River & Rail Theatre, February 2022

Callaway -- All Campus Theatre, April 2022

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